Skate Tuesday

Just got back from skating and took a shower. 12:08 AM now. I don’t feel tired at all but I need to go to sleep soon for tomorrow. I’m so glad that I live in the city has 2 different skates in a week. Skating makes me feel so good and fresh.

I feel free good so far this week! working out on Monday definitely helped and I’m planning to doing it regularly. Love being feeling okay lol or good! Work was pretty good! Continued to work on member dashboard. Making changes to make it more user friendly. Asking around for feedback definitely helped me doing my job better. It reminds me again how important it is to look at things in different point of views. It’s coming along nicely just needs to be tested to go live and it’s kind of dragging me down little bit but I’m still so excited about this.

I have not got a chance to work on the side project this week yet. However, I have been keep thinking about it and trying to find the answer to my problem. Need to find more time for this.

Well good day overall. Especially that I don’t really feel like sick anymore. I guess I just need to keep work out till I die. Going sleep now! Goodnight All!

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