Some news

When I was cleaning out stuff this weekend, I came across a bunch of pictures/newspaper clippings of Gregg. I mailed them to Angie. She sent me a FB message today saying he is getting a divorce. Interesting. I totally would go out with him/hang out with him if he would call me. 

I had a better day at school today. I took all of my classes to the computer lab for IC lessons, so I didn’t have to do very much. I had cheer until 7 and have it tomorrow until 7. I have bull shit parent conferences on Thursday night – the same night/time as our last home football game! Ugh. That really pisses me off that he did that. I just don’t get him. Why the fuck would you not have the conferences AFTER the report cards went home? Most parents probably don’t even know what their kids’ grades are. I hope I have no one show up. I am going to BOUNCE. 

Noah took John to his dads house with him today, and John had a good time. That makes me feel better about leaving John with Noah if I move to NYC. There is a job fair there in November for public school teaching, but I just can’t afford it. The plane ticket is $300. I could stay Air BnB cheap, but I would have to spend at least $500. And I think I’d rather teach private, anyway. Fuck all this constant behavior bullshit.

I texted Gregg, but no response. What the fuck is his problem? I am bad off if even a chubby, balding man with a colostomy bag is rejecting me. Oy vey.

My work friend said today that he liked mature women in response to my comment about liking his women young and fresh or some shit. 

Gregg would be a welcome distraction. Whatever, though.

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