Borrowed Honest Love

We made a promise to be honest to a fault, and it was wild but also kind. There was a moment in there that goodbye was inevitable, and I realized my heart was tired and maybe just not in this anymore. In that time I panicked, is this too much, is this too fast?  

But I couldn’t give up on you, not because of our time together but because you make me more honest. You make my lips stutter when I start to tell a lie. 

Your lips are my favorite thing about you. Sometimes they love, but sometimes they cut deep like a knife. I will never say out loud that I need you, but I cant imagine being on this journey without you. 

Maybe we wont ever get married, and maybe we will. But I would spend my future with you, my borrowed honest love. 

2 thoughts on “Borrowed Honest Love”

  1. Shannon, I hope your future will be bright and wonderful, whatever happens. God bless you.

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