Day 228 – Good day and art

Wednesday, October 12th 2016

Today was fun. I had programmation first and I can’t seem to get an appearance right. I’m going to have to skip it for now and work on the last job and then ask some help for that one through my brother or online friend, which they are both in computer science.

I then had alimentation and we made naan bread, which was very good. We also made a dip, but we didn’t really like it. I was indifferent about it. Our teacher tasted it and said we did it correctly, so maybe it just isn’t a popular food.

I ate lunch with Kohai and then we moved on to technology to do our 3D modelling. I finished a ceramic cup and then I’ll be doing a camera lens (and something else I think) before I can make a lightsaber, which I’m excited for. We also looked a little at the video unit and saw we will have a video where you have you standing and talking and then you walking in the background. We decided that we are gonna do a lightsaber battle in the background instead for one and a wizarding duel in the other. It would be a lot more fun than just walking. We can also just go to the dollar store and get those cheap lightsabers. The wands we already have, plus even possibly the outfit, because of our Ravenclaw Halloween costumes we’re planning.

We finished with math and I got my test result, which is an A-; definitely better than the C+ I got last time. After I got that C I picked myself up, because I was taking things too lightly. I appreciate how our teacher grades so quickly though. She often has the results near the end of the class or the day after. Sometimes teachers take so long, and I understand cause they’re busy, but she is too and manages.

When I got home I hanged out on the server and made a card for my parents’ wedding anniversary. My brother signed it (couldn’t find a gift card) and we gave it to them. Also, I have permanent marker on my desk, because of the card, so oops. Actually, would be kind fun to paint my desk, like I always wanted to do with my wall… Speaking about art, one of the owners of the server found a good website to sell some. I plan on practicing and selling some in the future. It’ll also motivate me to practice more.

That’s all for today.

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