Freezing Cold

Försöker se oberörd ut lol. The water is freezing, I dared him, he never stands down from a dare. lol

I can’t believe how happy we are, getting away from all the drama and the bullshit – we needed it. We’re in Stockholm at the moment because I have deal with issues regarding my now useless student visa, and counseling about my marriage ‘abroad’ and my move to the US. But we have to get back to L.A. soon, because Ramsay has to return to work and he has a lot of projects that are going on at the same time, I feel selfish dragging him away from work when it’s the busiest but, I’m also happy he took time off and came. Next stop: California, and we have to plan our wedding. Every time I mention it out loud my heart flutters with excitement. 😀

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