Grinding through the week

I have fought my way through 3 days this week. I am so tired. I am completely broke- have a negative bank balance, and I don’t get paid until Friday. I would have made it to payday without being broke this time if I hadn’t had to spend that money on Noah’s stupid cat. That was 115 at the vet and then 132 to have the rug cleaned. Ugh. I think I am going to get the carpet cleaned that I have now. It is so disgusting and Noah’s office smells like cat pee. I am going to replace the carpet when I get my tax money, but that won’t be until the end of February. I would like for the upstairs to be in a little better shape until then. Noah’s office needs a lot of paint work and scrubbing of the baseboards and cleaning up the cat hair around the baseboards. Once I clean it up I am going to put my treadmill in there. I had noah’s room and bathroom all clean but he used them again and he took his sheets, so now his bed has no sheets on it. I just bought some new sheets on eBay. Not that I ever have company, but if I did for some reason, there will be sheets on the bed. Shannan and Abby could even stay here when they were here for christmas. 

I am going to be so happy when Friday’s done and I can come home and rest for a minute.

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  1. Try vinegar – it helps break down the stench. Once dried you can sprinkle baking soda over it and then vacuum – that will help with the lingering effects.

    I hope the week goes by fast til pay day!

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