Had echocardiogram.  Will be doing this every three months because of the high risk of congestive heart failure with this chemo.  Sending prayers out to Dot from work who has begun yet another round of chemo. 

And on another note every time I look over at my neighbor’s house I can’t believe Louise is not there.  To me she is there but I can’t quite explain why I haven’t and won’t go and knock on her door or pick up the phone to call her.  I guess it’s a safety mechanism that our hearts and brains have of saving us from ourselves.  Just like with my mom and dad who passed away in 2004 and 2012 respectively.  They are at home.  My dad is sitting in his chair and my mom is sitting in hers.  So why aren’t they there when I go down.  Because they went out shopping but they will be back.  Safety mechanism kicking in because we really are unable to deal with the “forever” aspect of death.  Make sense?  I hope so.

And the brother and cousins all survived the hurricane unscathed.  Thank God.

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