My Mom

Today my mother had an accident in her car.  She was not injured, thanks be to God.  She drove too far to the right and knocked down two mailboxes and shattered the right side of her windshield.  Mom is 92 and she doesn’t see well anymore.  She has macular degeneration. We all know it is time for her to stop driving, but she hates to give up her independence.  I feel so sorry for her—-but all I can really think is how grateful I am that she was not hurt and nobody else was hurt!  God is so good!  This will change my lifestyle considerably because I will need to take her to the store and other places she needs to go.  My sister and brother-in-law are going to help with the driving so it’s not all on me.  I am so sorry for my mom.  And her cat, whom she ADORES is very old and not eating.  She’s afraid he will die soon.  The vet has not been able to help.  Mom told me she is “a little bit depressed.”  That is not like my mom, ever.  Always cheerful.  But this is plenty of reason to be sad.  To those of you who pray, you might mention my mom to the Lord.  Her name is Mildred. 

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  1. Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s troubles (accident + kitty).

    Maybe you could try force feeding it or baby food (with no garlic or onions). You can buy a large syringe to push the food in kitty’s mouth. I’m hoping some new special food would entice him to eat on his own.

    Your mom is very fortunate to have a wonderful, caring daughter like you to help her through these adjustments. I will keep you both (as well as your husband) I’m my prayers.

    Ps. Yes, this avatar is just for October. I’ll switch back in November.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your mums accident. Bless her, this must have been very frightening for her. You are such a wonderful daughter, may god give you strength and peace in your heart. I will pray for you and your mother xxx

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