My Wednesday jouranal

Got up so early today by no reason. I have been thinking about going to get a maintenance service for my car but I wasn’t planning to go today morning. However, since I woke up already I decided to just get over with today. So started my day at Toyota dealer shop in Hollywood. It took much longer than I expected and I ended up showing up at work at 11 AM. It’s good I just arrived right before the analytic meeting and didn’t really miss out anything. Meeting went little bit longer than we expected. We found that there are so many things to cover. There are so many data and we don’t really take a full advantage of them yet. Well, that’s actually why we met today. Excited for the future! there are lots of exciting things to work on! Rest half of the day went by kind of slowly. I felt that cause the half of office was empty and it was very quite. Got off at little before 7 PM then work out at gym. Trying to make it as a regular pattern and it’s going well so far. Feel much better after work out as always!! Drove directly to Dosung’s place after gym to have a dinner. He made some korean food and it was pretty good. Ate little too much but good enough for me to go back to gym again lol. Back home about 30 mins ago and just took a shower. 10:41 PM now. Gonna go to sleep! Times goes by so fast lately. Can’t believe it’s Thursday already tomorrow. 

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