Productive day? I don’t think so.

So today being Thursday the 13th, I stood at my desk wondering what to do with my day. I find myself constantly wondering, I don’t think its good, especially with the amount of study I actually have to do. Anyway, diverting from that area, I was stood at my new (ish) desk humming to whatever song was playing in that moment and realised … I DON’T HAVE A DESK CHAIR. Ashleigh doesn’t own a desk chair, hence why I was stood up. I raced outside to grab a beach chair, decided to give it a new home in my bedroom and went straight to Gumtree to find one of those leather chairs. *25 mins later* nothing, not a single chair on Gumtree? Oh well, the beach chair was rather cosy I found, so it is staying.  I was falling asleep at my desk with the boredom lingering, time passed so slowly. I don’t mind. Now what do I do with my day? Revise? Study my nursing notes? Nah. That is all for today.

Ash x 



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