We’ve made it through Wednesday folks and the outlook is smoothing sailing straight ahead.

By this point I should have known why I was such an emotional spazz this week end – hormones; they get me every time. Yes, there was a real issue underneath it all, but it’s nothing that’s life shattering. I hate letting things get to me like that. 

Ive said it before and I’ll say it again. This is my life and I am determined to fill it with everything that I love. I won’t waste my energy being oppressed by the illusion of control. The ball will always stay in my court. Problems will come and go, but I will never let them consume me with grief. 

It’s a chilly night here in South Carolina, but because I’m from up North I’ve got all my windows open to let the fresh air envelope me in its refreshing aroma. Each breath feels deeper as my lungs fill.

We live near train tracks, a first for me. I grew up on a busy street and across from a river so I’m use to noise. I like the rattle of the train, humming along the rails, the whistle cutting into the night. 

Tonight I am at peace. Life is good.


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