Trying to Understand & Feeling Alone

I am trying to understand the things that come in between us. The things that makes us differently from where we were before everything changed when we first met. I want to understand; what is it that I did wrong so I can fix it. People don’t understand what I go through everyday. Maybe if you were a single parent; you’d know. But mostly single parents already have someone in their life to keep themselves company by a person who has them in their hearts. I don’t know where I go from here. I don’t belong in this world. I wanna move to a place where nobody’s ever heard of me. Maybe a place very, very far away from people who don’t care about me. I am trying to understand that why my family ignores me all the time.  I feel so alone without them. We use to be so close with each other. Going to different places in the summertime; you know..having a good time and remembering all the fun times we had years ago. I wish my family would come back into my life. They need to start visiting me now. Not years from now when I’m diagnosed with cancer or worse…DEAD. Cause then…they’re gonna regret not listening to me before when I warned them about me.

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