A gun where!?!?!?!

Today Deedee brought home a notice from her school. Long story made short a boy brought a gun to school on Tuesday. Some kids saw it. One kid later told his mother who in turn contacted a teacher and up the chain it went. The boy was questioned by the police and admitted to stealing his father’s gun and bringing it to the school. The boy is now in jail.

I feel a million and one ways about this. A gun so close to my DeeDee. A gun in her school, passing her in the halls crammed inside a backpack. A gun that could have gone off.

It’s also the gun that didn’t go off. It’s the gun that wasn’t pointed at anybody. It’s the gun that hasn’t claimed a victim. 

I’m very fortunate that some brave child stepped up and did the right thing.  Some where out in my small town, a teenager is a hero. Thank you. 

2 thoughts on “A gun where!?!?!?!”

  1. I feel that security in our school systems is severally lacking. I feel that armed Police Officers should be posted in and around the schools. No, it will not frighten children they are very resilient, and it will not create a feeling of being in prison. And it will be good for the children to see that Law Enforcement Officers are not bad people.

    I do not believe that children should have so much school homework that a backpack is required and if so then a metal detector should be install at every entrance!

    Thankfully a firearm will not self discharge. All pistols since the mid ’70’s have a transfer bar to prevent a discharge in case of the weapon being dropped.

    Also children need to be educated about firearms. We as parents need to demystify firearms to our children. Show them your weapons, teach them and show them what happens when you fire a weapon. Tell them a weapon is a tool, not a toy!

    We allow children to play endless hours of first person shooter games, simply desensitizing them and conditioning them to be able to fire upon a group of fellow children.

    Above all thanks be to God for no one was injured or worse.

  2. Thanks for the info unscathed.

    I’ll be honest. I don’t like guns. I don’t believe that guns kill people. It’s more along the line that people use guns to kill people.

    My whole life almost never happened because of a gun. My dad had one hidden in an office desk up in our attic. My mom and her sisters came across it when they were looking for baby stuff (all 3 women were pregnant at the time). They took turns with it. They pointed it at each other, themselves, pulled back the safety, and tapped the trigger. One barrel had a bullet. The whole in the wall is still there to this day. It missed my mom’s head by mere inches. She was 6 months pregnant with me.

    I don’t understand how parents who have guns leave them out where their children have access to them. My father in law is an avid hunter. All of his guns are locked up in a safe. My kids don’t have access to them and never will.

    I wish my daughter’s school had metal detectors. I know it’s costly, but all too often these days kids are getting a hold of guns and bringing them to school.

    My girls want nothing to do with guns. My son does. He owns a bb gun and it’s kept locked up with his grandpa’s guns. He is only allowed access to it when he is supervised. He wants to learn how to hunt. I’m thrilled his grandpa is teaching him gun safety before he ever gets to hold a real one.

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