Day 229 – Nygma Fangirling

Thursday, October 13th 2016

Today was good. I started with alimentation and we had a substitute, so I was mostly on my phone. Then I had programming and I’ve been working on a website containing a calculator, so basic addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

At lunch I waited for my friends and then went to sit with Kohai thinking they wouldn’t show up. They did, but one of them and myself was already with Kohai so we just hung out together.

Next up we had math, which we are learning something I think I’m going to have difficulty with, and then we ended on technology. I’ve been trying to get Pixelmon working, but they blocked, which is frustrating. I also made a pen in Blender, now I have to make a camera lens and then I can finally do a lightsaber, specifically Darth Maul’s!

When I got home I played on the server, played Dead by Daylight with the owners and then worked a little on the server. I also watched Gotham and (spoilers) Edward has been very, very busy. Gordon finally found out that he was framing him and I could just find myself smiling whenever Edward was, which I tried to hide so my dad doesn’t think I’m being influenced by a murderer, which I’m not, for the record. But he’s just so intelligent and funny and awkward and adorable… I can relate to him cause I’m also awkward and he’s intelligent in a way I always wanted to be. The only thing about him is that he talks too much, and I knew that was what will get him caught, but I also like that about him, since it’s fun to listen to him get all giddy over his successful plans like a kid who just learned something new. He also makes spur of the moment decisions, like trying to run away in heavy snow while being surrounded by policemen with guns. When he face planted I laughed, but then suddenly felt bad an heard myself say “sorry”. It was as if I just showed him that I thought that he was just like everyone else say of him: poor weird little Ed, with his silly little word play and his little riddles… But I don’t, I always thought he was the greatest one there, before I knew he was a villain (although I could feel he was going to be, and I didn’t know he was the Riddler cause I wasn’t as knowledgeable in Batman villains at the time) and even if he was portrayed as the weirdo. So when I laughed it felt like I was betraying him, like the only person who understood him just seem to have joined the bandwagon and cast him out like most did… What am I saying? He isn’t real. I’m fangirling way too much over him; taking him too seriously, as if he was real. It’d be cool if he was, though. Not long enough to kill people, but just to listen to what he has to say.

That’s all for today.

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