Fire On The Mountain….

Directly West of our home there is a large brush/forest fire, now consuming over 200 acres. Thankfully there is a major Highway and a few miles between us and the fire. When I am heading to work in the early morning hours you can see what looks like a caldera on the side of the mountain and the smaller individual fire like lava vents. For the last few days the air above our home has had the steady thump-thump-thump of the rotors on the Blackhawks with huge water buckets slung from their bellies in a never ending bucket brigade as they fly back and forth between the mountain and the river. I have sat outside and watched in awe as they fly over. Sadly it appears to no avail as the fire continues to grow.

This evening I thought per chance the men fighting the fire would get a break as the sky filled with clouds, but sadly no rain fell to the parched Earth. we are in the midst of a drought. In my 15 years of living here I have never seen it this dry! Even the river level is down!

So say a little prayer for Mother Earth and the men battling the blaze.

Good night.

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