My life currently

So I went to a party another day and I met this boy. We are together now but I didn’t know who he was when we first hooked up. He had had a thing with my classmate. But nothing serious; when she knew about us, she got sad but talked to me and told me that if I wanted, I could keep dating him and stuff. So I did, and I told her and she got super mad at me, she disrespect me and now school sucks more than usual, because she is telling shit about me to everyone.
This is so unfair, I usually don’t like to have a relationship with boys, I only like to hook up at parties and then, never see the boy again, but it’s different with him. I really like him, at least I think I like, but I’m so sad about what happened with this my “friend”. She has never been reaaally my friend, but we liked each other, now I’m feeling a bad person, but all my friends told me that I’m the right in this story. She didn’t need to treat me in that way, now I’m hated because I’m happy.
But I’m sad, because I’m feeling alone. I have my 5 best friends and we are super close, but beside these my besties, this classmate and her friends were also my friends, and now I feel like I’ve lost them. Idk if I’m right or wrong. I don’t wanna lose my friendship because of a boy, but I’m he makes me happy. I’m so lost in this story, idk if I should stop talking to him, and have my friend back.
If she really loved him, I would never have dated him, but she didn’t like him that much, she is already hooking up with another boys and I thought she had forget him already, now idk if she really did or if she just doesn’t wanna see him happy with another person.

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  1. Just remember that life is an adventure of possibilities! You should never feel guilty for having someone another person didn’t want. You had no way of knowing he was doing stuff with anyone else! If he really was hers, he was at fault for putting you in that position.
    School with always suck no matter how old you get. And the drama will never stop. Be true to you and you’ll get out fine 🙂

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