Standard Path

I feel the world looking at my every move like I’m a free form of a reality show. It’s felt like this for years now. But only recently has it slowed down and I began to look at my own life with a microscope. I believe in honesty should surpass fear of pain. I believe the differences of humanity are the beautiful aspects of the world. And yet, with my own life I fear I’m stepping too far off the path of reality. Despite the world following close behind my steps. I can’t help but think I am doing it all wrong. 

Should I be engaged after less than 2 years with a guy I spend everyday with? Is it wrong I can’t bring myself to tell my parents or allow him to tell his? 

My daydreams have become my reality, and it still feels like a blurr. The idea that this is all in my head keeps appearing like a horrid nightmare. I drifted too far from my normal reality, I can’t tell what should be happening or what I should take a train ride out of.

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