Violence In The City….

 It is to late to start a tally, but I will start one at the beginning of the New Year.

 The City, or actually just a few neighborhoods of the City are like War Zones. It seems as there is a shooting every day. There was a time when it was usually just a wounding shot, but now it looks like they are getting time in on a range as the death rate is climbing. Total shootings thus far this year exceed all of last year, and we are currently on a streak right now with at least one shooting per night.

Maybe that is the problem? Perhaps if people would stay home and inside after dark they would not get shot! Having a job would probably prevent a lot of needless death and carnage because if they had to get up early to go to work they would have to go to bed at a decent hour, therefore they would not be out when bullets go flying around looking for a body.

 If by chance our society was not so caught up in the Rapper/Gang Banger/Hood lifestyle thing may be different. But, our Government subsidizes poor behavior by writing bigger checks for out of wedlock babies and then not DEMANDING a name of a father to hold financially responsible.

 Also if one lives on the Government Teet, they should be drug tested monthly and have to meet strict requirements of attempting to get a job. Welfare and Projects should not be multi-generational.

 The City wastes millions of dollars each year in hand outs, instead of a hand up.

 On of the problems is the Court System. The Gang Bangers and Thugs bond out, or are given sentences in the local Work House instead of going to the State Penitentiary. Hell just the other day one made a $350,000 bail, went home, cut off the monitoring anklet and is now vanished. He was tried in abstention and found guilty and sentenced to life. But in all probability he will never be caught again, more than likely to die in a hail of bullets. In the City they have even taken to killing any witness. It used to be just intimidation but now they are tracking down any witness and executing them on the public streets!

 But saddest of all is the fact that the Mayor, City Council and the Police Chief deny that they is a “gang” problem. Ain’t no problem at all, they jus’ be killin’ each other! We joke about just build a wall to keep then in and then toss over guns and ammo and let them exterminate themselves. So many abortions and the babies that do get to grow up grow into a life that is mostly a living hell.

Yes I am old and jaded.

And yes, I carry a gun with me everywhere.

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