whats wrong with being honest

Hey im sad, because i need help cause i do not know how 2 tell my parents i am bi but more into girls, but yesterday i got dumped and its affecting me hard cause in all my relation ships i have got cheated on and she didnt cheat she just called me names and i had 2 realize that i was nothng my life is messed  upand there is no point of living and then she is acting totally weird and i find that irritating for example, i had my flash light on in a video call and  she turned on hers and was like ” can u see better, do u need extra light” and was saying it in a not nice tone of voice. and i texted her brother to tell her 2 unblock me and now she is acting all tough like she have balls or something but im not suprised just another relationship ruined because i was just tired of being nice and all shy so now she knows not to prank me saying that she is staying the night of another girls house that she have clamied to have dated. and i was just being honest so i guess i shouldnt talk to no one then. I hate life is my point.    The end

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