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Political relations between America and Russia is very sadden me. The situation in Europe as a result of EU policy is saddens me too, it makes me sad that many people immediately judge others, based on their impressions of the countries in which they live. I’m sad that many people are prejudiced against Russia and Russian people because of the policy. I can say one thing: Russia is a great country, we have many famous scientists, poets , writers, great generals and monuments. I can be proud by my country, also there is much cause for shame and sadness. The cultural level of my country is falling day by day. Policies are guided by external game, not paying attention to the problems in the country, and a lot of them. My nation is degrading

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  1. The US / Russian relations as of late scare the crap out of me. The worst part is, I think what my own country does and how it interacts with Russia is wrong. I could write at length at what brings me to this conclusion. At the end of the day the US has NO right to accuse Russia of war crimes, to have our planes fly over important Russian bases, to accuse Russia of hacking our election when in fact there has been a lot of election rigging being done right in this country.

    You should be proud to have a president that cares so much for his nation and for his people. He has bunkers to keep you safe. We just have a president that ignores our fears. He’s too busy accusing other countries of things to even look at his own “house” and see how things are falling apart here.

    No matter what happens, I will not call Russia or it’s people my enemy.

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