Finding these sites always made me skeptical. I always used to wonder if anyone would read my thoughts, not all of them are something to be proud of which makes me wonder why anyone would have joy in reading what I say. It scares me to fully go public with some of these journals because then I would be the bad guy. I hope for anyone feeling down that you remember how hard it is to just get up out of bed, I hope you use that as motivation because even though its a baby step it sure is an accomplishment. I don’t really know what this will do for me, maybe it will help me express myself more. God knows I will never fully inspire someone, but I hope if I ever do publish some of my darkest poems that it helps in some way. If I have learned anything so far from writing its to never be ashamed to spill your ghosts out, also to never feel crazy for what you are feeling. I hope you take my advice when I say you are not alone.

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