Metro ride : Part 1 of who knows how many

First entry. I feel like being unnecessarily introspective and just start yammering.

I’m listening to songs in this 45 minute long metro ride. “Bailando”  just got over. And “Summer” started. This song has been in my playlist for 2 months, since our last road trip, and yet I’m listening to it for the first time! I kinda like it.

The schoolgirls sitting beside me just left. I wonder what their life is like. They probably think the whole world is against them, as the pressure to choose a career surrounds them. They probably think this will get over after high school. Little do they know, they’ve got a decade of it left. At least. They might be among those studious ones who think they’ve figured out their life. Little do they know they’re most likely to not follow this crystal clear path. It might soon for up.

“Balle Balle” from Bride and Prejudice just started. I’m listening to this after so long! I loved the movie, but I don’t think Aishwarya Rai was the best choice. She looked a little older than the male protagonist. Now a newly wed is sitting beside me. I can tell by her chooda- a set of white and red bangles newly wed Hindu women wear in North India. I always thought it added a bit of glam to any outfit! And this combination of a chooda sighting and wedding song playing in my earphones has got me wondering about my marriage. That’s undoubtedly a topic for another entry! I’m not even 22 yet, so the concept won’t be seriously approached for another 4 years. But there’s this guy, and I’ve got issues… Like I said, another entry! *running away from yet another internal turmoil like it’s covered in stinky slime*

I really love some outfits here. I’m in the women’s coach, and sometimes you see good style. There’s one in a blue and white printed maxi with a sheer black shrug with short sleeves, with a high waisted golden belt and brown shoes. I don’t know what kind of shoes; I can’t talk fashion. Then there’s one in a sleeveless black kurta which is short in the front and longer on the back, paired with lime green leggings. My mother hates this style of kurtas and dresses, so of course I love them. The difference of opinion with my mother is again, an issue for another entry.

I think the newly wed is peeking inside my phone. Well, hope you find entertainment sister! I completely missed out on “Wildest dreams” and songs caught my attention when “Nachan Farrate” started playing. Change! Change! Change! “Amplifier” it is.

There’s another style I’ve observed here that I absolutely hate! Wearing jeans or leggings under a dress. I understand if you come from a conservative background and your parents aren’t comfortable with you baring your glorious legs in public transport. But then, why not stick to tops? Why make a fashion blunder of yourself? I also dislike clothes with faces printed on them.

Seven more stations to go. And I want to play some Fruit Ninja. A little out of fashion, but hey! I still see people playing candy crush.

“Livin la vida Loca” now. Love this song! I fell in love with Ricky Martin for full 10 minutes. It ended right when I recalled reading somewhere that he came out as gay. Then I literally started crying. In hindsight, I think it was PMS.

I’m off for Fruit Ninja now. Till the next time I feel like a writer… 

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