My Friday journal

Felt little tired from last night but good enough to be at work all day! Work was good as usual and mediterranean lunch was amazing. Worked till little before 7 PM and skated back to home. My frame got broke couple blocks before my place on my back to home. The frame is not holding the wheel properly anymore. I had to change to shoes and walk back to home. Found out that it’s pretty much done after 3 years of riding in all over the US. I think I will keep the boot for the bigger frame and wheels tho.

Took a little rest before I headed out to Friday night skate. Fun skate with Friday night crew. about 10 people and skated about 12 miles in Santa Monica. Always fun with skaters! Some of us went to Sawtelle for Japanese ramen at Tsujita noodle. Got there around midnight and waited about 30 mins to get in. First time trying that place and I was pretty satisfied for what I had. Good place. Got back home around 1:30 AM. just took a shower and went sleep right away.

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