The World I’d rather be in

It’s not a dark and scary place, once you learn to no longer be afraid of it. It can be cold and lonely at times, but once you start to enjoy it, it becomes the ideal place you’d rather be. I am talking about the mind.

I always wanted to be a hero who saves a princess or fights the enemy in such a manner that the title “Legend” would be a part of it. But, that’s not the case with reality. The only thing I battle with is making it to the next payday and what my son wants to eat. Princesses no longer want a knight anymore but a king, regardless of how he runs his kingdom. The knight no longer wants to due battle for honor or love but to mainly get by and fend for himself. It’s heart breaking to think that these are just imaginative, but what if we think it?

I know I have your attention now. You probably agree with me on this.

Our minds are the only place we ran from and kept going back to. A lot of trouble hides in there and it could be the reason I always escaped from mine. I always thought maybe, just maybe, I can transform it into one of those places I’d rather be than in the real world. To be quite honest, with the way things are going, I’d probably be safer with my demons than everything happening around the world.


5 thoughts on “The World I’d rather be in”

  1. Thank you for your kind words (literally, hahaha)! You know, so many journals hide away so much to protect our sense of vulnerability, but if you make peace with it, we often find that others can relate.

  2. I couldn’t agree anymore Alice 🙂
    People are such fascinating yet complex questions that roam about. But yet, at the same time, we try and look for the answer mainly for ourselves (who we want to be and not what others think we are)

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