Trying not to feel like shite… And failing miserably -_-

Shake it off woman!! But I can’t… Well I could but that involves a lot of wine which I don’t have, well I do have half a bottle of red but I know if I drink wine I’ll brood and I’ll stew rather than just getting merry (wine brings on an awful melancholy in me and its just… Eurgh) so I’ll sit here drink my coffee and try not to stew.

I’m currently cooking the kids tea, which is kinda taking my mind off things (and writing this while food is in the oven) but I still feel bogged down by too many emotions and its just too much.

I need to go for a walk by myself and just sit somewhere, the house feels too closed in and full of the remnants of our argument. I need the mountains, I need some open space and a tree to sit in, I don’t even care that its raining it matches my mood, its that fine rain that just falls for hours I hope there’s a storm coming in a way.. I always sleep better during a storm.

Eurgh!! I need another coffee….


One thought on “Trying not to feel like shite… And failing miserably -_-”

  1. It’s so hard when you just want to get away by yourself but you have to look after your children and not let them know that you’re feeling that bad! I definitely struggle with that, I long to just go out for a very long drive with my music playing in the car but I can’t! Not getting along with someone ruins everything too, you go over what each other says and does in your head and you just feel terrible. It seems to go on forever! 🙁 We all fall down sometimes…sometimes we need to just feel miserable for a while!

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