Working Hard

It’s Saturday. I walked John, took him to the pet store and gave him a  bath, went to WalMart, washed my clothes, and worked in cleaning up Noah’s office. I worked on fulling the holes in the walls and taped off the ceiling. I washed the baseboards and vacuumed around the baseboards. I have all of his stuff out of there now. I am going to paint in there tomorrow, I think. The cable people are coming on Monday to move the internet modem from that room to my bedroom. I also have some carpet cleaners coming. The carpet is disgusting and will have to be replaced, but I can’t afford to do that until I get my tax refund. I don’t know if I am selling. If I stay in Lexington, I don’t supposed I will, but why would I ever stay here? I supposed I got a tiny bit hopeful that I might have a friend Thursday night when I met someone from work for a beer. I am desperate for a friend. 

One thought on “Working Hard”

  1. As you know, your best friend is you. The one who understands you is you. The one who wants good things for you. But there will be others who will be good friends, too. I am sure of it. I will pray for you to find good friends, dear. God bless.

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