Block Rosary (please don’t judge my title, it has a story behind)

Hi. It’s been 3 months since I have not updated my journal. I was so busy these past few months. Like July, I have to be serious in my classes bc its still a fresh school year and for September, was busy preparing for the yearly event, Animolympics-Sports fest!! And our sacrifices was all worth it 💓 We won the overall championship representing the Grade 10 level. 

              Well so much overwhelming for that, today is October 16th year 2016. Sunday.

We had our block rosary every 6pm in the evening in the month of October.  I am not so much in that thingy, but my mother is. So it’s not that i was forced, but i went with my mom. And I saw him. (I am referring to the guy in my 17th of April 2016 journal)


After the rosary, we had our snacks inside the house, and everyones having fun talking to each other including my mom. Other youth members had really so much fun but in a way that is typically annoying including him. But i didn’t care at all. There is this girl who is good to me *as friend and a co-member of the youth organization. Of course you’ll do the same (being good), if you don’t know much each other, right? Who wanted to get into trouble by the way? And i personally know that she likes my boy. JOKE. He’s not mine. HAHAHAHA. Everyones teasing them like, ayieeeeeeee! (ayieeee is just an expression for a feeling kilig) It’s a Filipino thing. HAHAAHAHAH bweset. Ayieeeee, they continued. It is because the sat with the same sofa. WTF  HAHAHAAHH i did not give a fuck but damn! I didn’t care until this common friend of us grabbed my phone and took pictures of them. They were both blushing, I know. You want proofs? *I’LL THINK OF IT.* You will know if I put links of the pics on my next update stay tuned! :*

Going back to the feels. I don’t feel any until I saw their pics. Of course it’s my phone. 


am i jealous? …. 😵😵


 Pisteng g.atay oy. 💔  I won’t translate that to you. Lucky you if you understand my dialect 😊. I am jealous. I uploaded the pictures since our friends requested too. I never had the chance to bond with the person I like. Never had the chance. That’s why im jealous. Because i never had the chance to be teased because  i am way too shy to confess to my friends. They’re not trustworthy. HAHAAHAHAHA. But really, that was a bomb. I didn’t think I’d feel that today. It is because perhaps, it is already 6 years, liking, stalking, dreaming, loving him. A lot. 

                                                                        -ナターシャ 💙 Goodnight, journal 



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