Day 231

Saturday, October 15th 2016

Today was okay. I was on the server most of the time and there was these two players giving me a lot of problems. I was very stressed after, but later on I calmed down and watched the owners stream a co-op indie horror game while the person who made the game watched the stream. There were riddles in there and most I googled, but one of them I didn’t and got it right instantly. I felt like I made Edward Nygma happy. Ugh, I’m such a fangirl. It was : “I make you weak at the worst of all times. I keep you safe, I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat, and your heart grow cold, I visit the weak, but seldom the bold,” and I thought the Riddler said that at some point and turns out he did! It’s an easy one unfortunately, so he wouldn’t be too impressed.

Other than that, we played Dead by Daylight and then I watched Gotham.

That’s all for today.

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