It almost the end of the year.

 Wow~ I’m still alive. I’m so proud of myself. Well, honestly. This year seems to end very fast to me. Hmm, maybe because there is so many holidays and all I have to bear with is, my personality, school, homework and etc. Even so, I still need to stop my bad habit. *Sigh* it so hard to change. I will never give up though. My life is in circle somehow. I keep repeating what I have done and like oh, I regretted it and I don’t what to do it again but then… I done it again. How stupid. So, even though I keep repeat the same things. I will find the way to break this curse of me going in circle. I want to make myself proud. Family. Um, so I guess that is? Oh and also tomorrow is my exam. For the one who take their time reading this nonsense and broken grammar diary.. Please pray for the best for me okay? If you’re an atheist. Never mind then.  Have a nice day! 

2 thoughts on “It almost the end of the year.”

  1. Dear girl, I pray you will do well on your exam, yes. You were pretty vague about what is going in circles in your life? Are you talking about boys or self-harm? I have no idea. It sounds like you need to break the cycle and start fresh. I am praying for you in all this. Please keep writing. People care.

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