Oh Sunday

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. The mornings always consist of drinking coffee, talking with my parents (time differences from EST to PST), and chores around the house. Some have called me weird while others have told me I’m “Husband Material” for loving chores. Vacuuming and enjoying the cleanliness has always brought me excitement. While doing the dishes, I think of all the things I had to learn from the past week and try to better them, little by little. Taking the trash out, yeah it stinks (at times) but I get to look up into the clouds and see that sun. The same sun that everyone sees and is under. I imagine how many people really look up and see what I see. Then there’s laundry.

It’s one of my guilty pleasures. The freshness straight from the dryer is like a warm hug that smells good. Again, a little weird.

My son, who doesn’t usually eat breakfast, asked for a bacon, cheese, and egg sandwich. I happily obliged and indulged in one myself.

Sundays, back where I am from, I would do the normal routine of chores while listening to some good island music. I have my favorites and they are close to my heart. When I feel homesick, I play them and just think of all the times I had and where I am today. I miss the smell of grill smoke and a fresh cut yard. Now I can just cook and enjoy my music without having to do the yard.

A lot has happened this past week and I am looking forward to doing more! My son wanted me to start a YouTube channel for gaming. With the way things are, I am going to humor him and go with it. I just love seeing him smile now.

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