Sunday….Closing Out The Weekend, Starting the Week….

It has been a good weekend, I spent all of yesterday in bed with Debbie. We watched several shows, RuPaul Drag Races and Impractical Jokers, it was really nice just piled up in bed, having a relaxing day and our bond growing ever stronger. Even Maggie joined in, our little family all l piled in bed and enjoying a day of rest, recovery and healing.

Today I have been once again to the grocery, seems that is an all to often task. I bought pizza, cheese bread and salad to serve tonight for dinner.

I bought several brass cup hooks for outside so I can hang the various lanterns we have. I am trying to create a nice little oasis that we have enjoy, a place to sit and watch the sunset and the evening envelope us.

Just checking in on Debbie, I took her some white seedless grapes and multi-grain bread with Gouda Cheese.

I will be so glad once she is healed and we can return to a normal life, normal for us.

I am looking forward to many motorcycle trips, having them already planed in my mind.

And with this I shall close, many Hydrocodone and beer shall follow as I drift off to an oblivion that only I can enjoy.

I bid you peace and blessings. May God our your Higher Power bestow many blessings upon your soul.

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