I listened to some eckart tolle this morning. Along with wayne dyer and a couple of other spiritual folks – both living and dead – he is a go-to when I need some words of enlightenment. I can’t even remember what exactly he was speaking about this morning, but it got me off to a good start today. My second start I should say – I’ve been up since 4:00.  H had to go out of town for work. When he does he’s up at 4 AM. I usually wake up with him and I can’t go back to bed or I won’t want to get up the 2nd time. So I stayed up. Drank coffee. Meditated a little. Went for a run. Back home – got kids off to school, showered myself then feeling like I needed a nap, I put my head down for 20 minutes and refreshed myself.  It’s a dreary day. But I am thankful for it. We need to clouds to appreciate the sun.  Around here we REALLY appreciate the sun!  This just prompted me to remember that eckart was speaking of this type of balance – having one emotion in order to feel the other. Anyway…….the weekend…it was a good one. We let S have a friend for a sleepover on Friday. Both boys were super excited. Very cute. We enjoyed a fire in the fire-pit.  It was summer-like all weekend here. Warm, sunny.  H and I took the kids to the zoo yesterday.  We haven’t been there in a few years. We planned a family day together because of H’s work travel this week. When I was thinking of something different for us to do I mostly had D in mind. She’s been a little needy. I really don’t blame her. S does get more of the attention. He’s just that type of kid. D loves animals and I knew this would be an especially fun outing for her. All of us had a great time! The zoo here has seen quite a bit of improvement since last we were there. It’s refreshing. There was a baby elephant – so stinkin cute! – along with many other adorable babies. Our penguins are always a big hit and didn’t disappoint.

In a harsh change of subject – there was a suicide drowning in a local park that I and the family frequent. Yesterday morning I heard about a body being found on Saturday afternoon. Tragic news any way you look at it, but finding out just now that it was a suicide is heartbreaking. Please my dear friends, always give a kind word – it could truly mean the difference between life and death. A favorite quote that I have hanging in my office is from the Dalai Lama – “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”  

Subject for the next entry – why do I have a hard time completing a task?

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