“A Butterfly’s Story”

I feel better after typing out my feelings earlier. I do feel a little bad about it though. I know my dad is just really ill and has been for a long long time now. When I can eventually break away from being stuck at home, I’m sure things will be so much better.

I feel like posting one of my old poems. I write poems and I have loads. This one I’ll post below is one I wrote in June 2005 when I was just 16 years old! It’s random posting poems but I used to do that in all my other journals I’ve had. I want to get back into writing my poems again, the way I’ve started up a journal again! Writing has always been so helpful. It’s good to be creative.

And so the story begins

By the opening of wings,

Beating dark words that beg you to listen

Punctuated by patterns that glitter and glisten,

Read mysteries in splashes of the deepest blue

As they pass on secrets within beads of dew,

Igneous eyes of obsidian that see

A million stories that simply cannot be!

An unimaginable spectrum of deadly horror

Told in every seemingly innocent, bright colour,

Legs of silk that cling to ancient stone

Tears for those who never return home,

Clear patches shine for tales not yet told

Whilst the dark butterfly waits…

For terrible deeds yet to unfold.

P.S Also what I’m gonna try do is list two positive things about myself at the end of each entry and see how long I can keep it going for…

  1. I enjoy being creative (whether it’s art, poetry or how I look)
  2. I always try to help others as much as I can

3 thoughts on ““A Butterfly’s Story””

  1. Awesome graphic & poem.
    Funny, I’m the topic I picked for tonight’s entry involved an old poeI wrote. I’m also thrilled to see you did the affirmations. It’s a small silly thing, but it really does help. 🙂

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