Alice Walker Class Discussion

Today in class, Alice Walker came to visit and have a discussion. Initially, we discussed the topics covered in her book Overcoming Speechlessness but eventually our discussion turned more into an advice panel. We had a very inspirational talk about activism, courage and self-love. One of the very many inspirational things that Alice Walker said during our discussion was an answer to the question about self-assurance. Someone in my class asked how to get past the feeling that your work has no purpose or that nobody cares about the the things that you’re doing and Alice Walker replied “When a flower blooms, it never stops to wonder if anybody thinks that it’s beautiful, it just blooms because that’s what it’s meant to do” In other words, we all have a purpose and we can’t wait for validation from others to do what we were meant to do, we just have to do it and in the end, the results will be beautiful. This inspired me to be more sure of myself while I’m on my journey to finding my true purpose on Earth. During our conversation we were given very helpful advice for writing and for life. I really enjoyed this class session and it makes me glad that I chose to take this course. During our discussion we also talked about safe places and how we should critique the places that we love. That was important to me because I often go into a “safe place” hoping that it will be the end to all my struggles and when that isn’t the case I want to leave. I am now learning that rather than abandoning these safe places that I should stay and critique them so that they can grow. I enjoyed the conversation and advice that was given, Alice Walker was inspiring, wise and also funny.

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