Chapter 4 – The day he crossed the line

The next morning, while slowly drifting from sleep to being awake, I came to notice that the man hugging me from behind must be completely and utterly naked. As soon as I dared to move I turned around, opened my eyes and found my assumption confirmed. I have got to hand it to him: I consider myself experienced with men, but this left me dumbfounded.
Which of course I didn’t want to let him notice, so I stayed in bed a little longer until he too was fully awake, had a brief good morning chat and then left under the apology that my samples needed to be buffered.

I was sitting on my small desk, halfway through the first work step, when the Witcher entered the living room. He had tied his hair back, but there was still not a single piece of clothing on his body.
“Can I help you somehow?”
“Actually yes, I need a rack. The writing goes off the tubes, so I will have to sort them.”
“I don’t have one here, but let’s see what I can do.”
From somewhere in his drawers he got a power drill and a thick piece of cardboard. He sat down on the floor next to the desk I was working on and prepared an improvised rack for my samples. Then he went to the kitchen to make breakfast, which was ready when I was done with work.
I sat down next to him on the couch, like I always did, but this day was not quite like always.
“Do I make you nervous?”
“Oh, please! Like I’ve never seen a naked man before.”
Lily, you liar!
Truth would have been: “Yes! Yes, I am hella nervous! You know, there is a big difference between seeing you in the pool and knowing you buy oversized condoms because I once saw them in your bedroom drawers and ACTUALLY SEEING YOU NAKED. I do my best not to stare! I might be able to see any other man without giving a damn, hell, I’m in medicine, a body is just a body. But with you I have to wonder why and why now, and did I already mention I want to keep staring at you like you usually stare at me only that it’s totally different because you never saw me without clothes on? You are the one man who makes me nervous because we both know how much I want you.”

After breakfast I got up quickly and dressed for the travel. I must have gone back to the living room afterwards to get something out of my backpack, I don’t remember, all I recall is that somehow I ended up in his embrace. We were both standing in the middle of the room, me in my birthday party dress, him in, well, nothing. I pressed him against me, smelled his skin, felt how soft and warm it was. The touch of his hands became firmer, one hand on my lower back, the other on my shoulder, then stroking my neck, finally brushing against the side of my breast, first swiftly to test if I would flinch, then massaging it with his long fingers. My breathing became heavier, I could feel what my presence did to him. My self discipline was slipping away…

The next moment I pushed myself free, stomped through the hallway uttering accusations like “Why do you do this to me?” and locked myself into the bathroom to calm down and do my hair and make-up.

Already late for my train I hurried to get into my shoes and coat, then said good bye to the Witcher in the hallway. We fell into each others arms and kissed, and this time it was more than just our lips touching innocently, it was the kind of kiss that makes you forget everything around you, including the train that you are about to miss. When I left he remained standing in the open door, obviously not giving a damn about the possibility of being seen by the neighbors, and watched me walk to the elevator.

By the time I got home I had a text message on my phone saying that he was sorry for going too far. I told him not to apologize. That from now on everything was clear to me.

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