Class Visit to the Museum

As a class we took a trip to the Spelman College Museum and it was beautiful. The art work displayed in the exhibit showed that there are many different ways to tell a story. There were pictures, sculptures, and fashion displayed in this exhibit and each work of art told its own story. It was beautiful to see pictures of black women in beautiful gowns and wearing beautiful jewelry while also wearing braids and dreads and other natural hairstyles. One thing that stood out to me at the museum was that in two of the pictures, there was a woman dressed in a beautiful gown and wearing an interesting necklace. As I got closer to the necklace I could tell that the necklace seemed to be a person held in the chains on the necklace. To me, that showed that as a descendent of former slaves we can look back at that part of history and have pride in showing how strong and resilient black peoples actually are. The museum was wonderful and to top it all of they were playing Solange’s new album which made me feel like the room was filled with Black Girl Magic.

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