Coffee and some Company?

Good Morning 🙂

Now that the awkwardness of letting some past issues out have simmered, I can finally let you (those who really read these entries) know who the person is that I kept from the world. 

Like I mentioned, I grew up on the island of Guam. It’s a beautiful Oceania island in the Micronesia. It’s made up of various islands but though small on any map or chart, Guam is the biggest among them all (let’s just say I grew up with irony).

Every morning, my mom and I would always have coffee together. It didn’t matter the day of the week, she always got me up at 4 AM just to sit and chat. She did know how to ease a sleepy monster, with both cups made up and cooled. After every grumpy mumble, I would stagger and sit down with my face in my coffee cup. She would wait until I had at least two sips before we started talking.

My mom and I would talk about anything and everything. From what the plans were for the day to my secret crushes and how “Being yourself” was always up in debate. I miss those days, that’s why I write in my journals everyday. I’m not really social after years of being a back stabber and being back stabbed. I had to realize that for myself and I’m glad I did.

The reason I wrote in journals was due to my anger issues. I would bottle it up so much that it actually made me sick. Really sick. My mom suggested that I’d write in one and that she would keep it safe. You can never really go wrong with a parent you really trust, so I did.

I don’t write because I’m angry anymore. I write because it seems to be my only friend that I have trusted for so long. Yeah the typical rants and mood swings still make their way in there but it never judged me. It also never gave me advice. It just took that pain or frustration away and I always feel so much better.

Thank you for reading, it means a lot. I hope that you have a good day today and take care.

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