it’s been a while

i’m currently feeling the worst i have in a long time

i have no one to talk to. i don’t have anyone i can trust or rely on or anyone who cares right now. it hurts. it hurts so bad i want to die. i want to kill myself already so i wont have to be alone anymore

i’ve been talking in suicide chatrooms to try and feel not as alone

it helps a little but then i think what if these people think im overreacting? what if they think im making things up?

i’ve never felt more alone in my life. last time i felt this way i ended up in the hospital after overdosing.

i know how much i need to take to die.

its funny how little it takes to kill someone

i miss you a lot

youre the only person i believe loves me with all their heart

we havent spoken in so long and its so painful

i miss you so much

but we cant be together the way we want

i know im bad for wanting to see you but i dont care anymore

i dont have anything left

i dont even have you

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