Episode 1: Procrastination

Hello Dear readers, b.nanna here doing what I do best: procrastination. 

We’ve all be there at some point. We know a paper is due but it is so hard to do it with everything else becoming far more interesting than what it usually is. Procrastination is what brought me here to you, dear readers, to tell you a journey about your author. 

“But. B-” you, the reader, asks silently to the computer screen “Why am I reading your journal?” 

My dear reader, is it not the same as why I am here projecting this narrative at you– because you are procrastinating too. Whether it’s sleep you are avoiding, or your own thoughts; you are here the same reason I am: Procrastination. 

Procrastination is the reason why so much is left undone and so much to do. It suffocates like a hand, stretching out towards your life as if it were a neck. But we need not personify a being that already controls our motivation– or lack there of. So now, with the journal created, the house cleaned, the monsters tucked back under the bed, and the unsatisfied void that is responsibilities roaring loudly in my ear as the digital clock ticks, I have come to a nightly close. 

Stay tune- dear readers- for episode 2. 

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