Making The Most Out Of 24 Hours

As predicted today rolled in with a late start. By around 1 pm I was showered, dressed,  coffeed, and ready to fully enjoy every minute of my day off.

The family and I hopped in the jeep with The Man at the helm.  We cruised down the highway to the city in search of Halloween costumes. The mall was crammed full of people. We walked the corridors, stopping occasionally to cast our eyes on the fabulous window displays. Try as we might, we didn’t find anything that stood out to us.

DeeDee, The Man, and I are not comfortable with hordes of people bustling past us.  DeeDee gets over stimulated and ends up with a migraine as a result. It didn’t take us very long before we were back in the car driving to a different store.

We found one of those seasonal stores which caters to hardcore trick or treaters like my amazing trio. DeeDee is going to be a humanized version of pinky pie pony. Snoochie chose a Batman costume. Bobo ended up picking out Jason from Friday The 13th. 

When we were at the store we saw a rail thin, completely hairless young girl about Snoochie’s age. Her family surrounded her with support, enthusiasm, and smiles. Would this be her last Halloween? I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a child like that, one so sick. Would I be able to mask my fears and shield them with bitter smiles? 

By this point of a day our bellies were rumbling in anger. We found a PF Chang’s near by and ordered practically everything off the menu. You would have thought we were celebrating some big event. I treated myself to a mai tai . Oh sweet heaven in a cup. Our bill ended up being around $200. We spent that much on lunch for 5 people. The way we see it was that this was the first time in 2 weeks we all had a chance to eat together.  Our entrees were served family style. We got tempura green beans, crab rangoons, dumplings, chicken satay, spicy chicken, Korean bbq chicken, chicken and brocolli, and California rolls. Snoochie tried the sushi for the first time. She said it’s a symphony of flavors and textures that danced in her mouth.

When Snoochie was around 4 months old we realized we had quite an intelligent baby on our hands. With a shock of red hair and sparkling blue eyes she’d catch our gaze and then proceed to make the funniest faces I’d ever seen. She’s cross her eyes, wiggle her eye brows, puff out her cheeks, contort her mouth to our delight. As she got older and could communicate verbal she gave up making the silly faces despite our pleas. At the table, Bobo surprised us by rolling his eyes up so we could only see the whites. He crossed his eyes, made them vibrate, and performed a few other tricks that cracked me up. I remembered how Snoochie use to make her faces and I asked if she had any memory of us pleading for her to make them. She said she did. It’s one of her very first memories.

We drove home, but stopped at the video store first. The Man eagerly pointed out that American Horror Story Hotel has finally been released on DVD. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. It’s one of the only tv series that I watch. Excited as a kid on Christmas morning we went home so I could spend the rest of my day binge watching. I won’t be talk about the episodes because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet. I knew Jessica Lange wouldn’t be in this season, but replacing her with Lady Gaga was a fantastic decision (though I do miss Jessica).

I’d love to pretend that the day was perfect, but we had some tense moments. The Man was easily frazzled at certain points. We kept almost butting heads. Sometimes I was overly sensitive and read too much out of his actions or words. We both had a mini breakdown. “I’m working so hard and trying so hard to make us all happy at the same time,” he said through his years. “I can’t help feel like you’re disappointed. It’s not good enough.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me. Kissing his cheek, I tried to put a complicated row of emotions into words.

“I’m not disappointed. There are these fleeting moments where you stress me out or I wanted you to go along with what I want, but that’s me, having my moment. It’s not you. That’s why I sit on things and don’t say anything. It’s my old way of thinking trying to rear up. If I sit back and think about it – none of its important. I don’t know why it bothers me if you go into the other room to play on your phone instead or watching my show with me. I guess I just want you near me. At the end of the day though, I just want you happy and in turn that makes me happy. Yes, I got annoyed a few times this week, but it’s nothing that will keep me down. I know how hard you are trying and that means the world to me.”

So we are good. I’m glad we both talked about how we’ve been on edge. Clearing the ice was necessary and detrimental. Communication is key for a healthy relationship. With our crazy hours and opposite schedules it’s hard not to make assumptions or take something personally.

This upcoming week I’ll have a few less hours than normal. I requested a few extra days off (So I could take DeeDee to the haunted house). I feel slightly guilty. Bobo doesn’t want to go with us, but Snoochie does. I won’t be taking her. She’s only 11 and in my momified opinion, she’s too young. When Snoochie gets scared by something, she freezes in place (You should see her when there is a spider I’m in the room). I’m worried that if I bring her, she’ll get freaked out and refuse to go in. There’s no way in the world I’d leave my 11 year old child unattended. Then I wouldn’t be able to go in with DeeDee. There’s a haunted trail that the reviews say it’s not that scary and is alright for tweens. I’m going to try to bring Snoochie there instead.

So that’s my day off. Now back to the work week. Sigh.


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