Sorry I went MIA for a spell but we have all had a nasty cold type virus here last week and I felt like a sack of smashed a$$holes for a few days.  Feel a little better now but not 100% yet….too bad I suppose because this week looks to be super busy.  SM is off on her fall break, tomorrow RJ has therapy in the morning then at 1 I have a meeting with the agency that provides both his speech and physical therapy….it is an annual review to determine whether or not he needs to continue with therapies.  I’m sure he will qualify.  Tuesday DM has a court date, Wednesday is the day I house clean for H and B, Thursday RJ has physical therapy in a.m. and then court with CPS in the afternoon. The judge wants to see what progress DM has made in the last year and rule on whether or not she gets more time to regain custody of RJ and SM or if they need to begin proceedings to terminate her parental rights. If so I will adopt RJ formally, and if it is before SM’s 18th birthday in April, her as well.  Friday I have to run my Avon route and take RJ to Health Dept. for his 2 yr vaccinations.  He needed them back in March, but for some reason I just remembered that he had yet to get them!! Bad Mimi!! lol  

The weather continues to be perfect here….sunny and highs in the upper 70’s most days.  I got my Halloween decorations out and set up inside and outside.  Will probably go and get a few pumpkins this week and carve sometime next week.  I also have fall decorations for the graves and want to go decorate them this week sometime.  I do my grandparents, Mom, brother and sister, grandson, baby cousin, my ex’s parents, one of his brother-in-laws, and his aunts too.  I try to decorate for all holidays but sometimes just put something new on with each season. 

I will be making some major lifestyle changes this week. For the past 12 yrs or so I had a series of bad things happen to me….family deaths, romantic break ups, learning of DM’s addiction, gaining custody of both kids, went through menopause quit smoking and lost most of my friends as our lives went in different directions.  Most of the friends my age are planning their retirements, spending time traveling and fixing up their empty nests. I’m back in “Mommy mode” and just don’t have the same interests as they do. Consequently I don’t have any close friends anymore.  I’m not sure when it happened but I started noticing oh long about last fall or early winter that I am not the same person I used to be….physically mostly. I think I went through a depression of some sort….not the kind where you feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and just want to cry or sleep all the time but mine manifested in just a lethargy.  Not really caring about myself anymore….heck I didn’t have time!  I was too busy raising kids and dealing with life’s little whammies!  I was just gradually letting things go…not fixing my hair just pulling it back….no make up….letting my nails go….ignoring my dental health….and health in general.  I’ve put on about 50 lbs since I quit smoking 9 yrs ago.  Not all at once but a few lbs here and a few there til I am where I am today.  I’ve started to develop some issues with pain in my feet, ankles, knees and hips.  I’m sure it’s arthritis but the weight is a contributing factor as well.  I also have pains in other joints and muscles as well and know that I need to get on an exercise regime. I was just starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel last year….SM was going to be a senior this year, she had begun to drive, had a job and wasn’t as dependant on me.  I was planning on getting the weight off and taking care of some things I needed to. To begin to focus on myself or a change. Then I got RJ and realized I was starting all over again with the school trips, conferences, taking him to sports, school activities and all of that!!  I finally decided that no matter what I HAD to take some time for me or my health would fail and I would be no good to either of the kids.  With my weight gain, lack of exercise, horrific eating habits and being post-menopausal, I am a prime candidate for heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, or a combination of these.  So I’ve been working on doing research into a healthier eating plan and starting a walking program.  In addition I will be making time to do my hair and make up each day….wear jewelry and perfume again, so I’ve been doing YouTube research on make up tutorials for the mature face!! lol  I stood in front of my full length mirror the other day and took a long, honest look at myself and I have soooooo many problems that need addressed but I will tackle one thing at a time and hopefully by the end of the year have a good start on making some positive changes for me! 

Well better hit the hay…..tomorrow is a busy day!

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