Solitary Sunday

I did not speak to a single soul all day. That is my real life. I texted a little with both of the children, but that’s it. I walked John this morning, then I went to school to get a couple of boxes and finish up getting ready for my sub tomorrow. I painted Noah’s office walls. Now I need to paint the trim. I will try to do that before the carpet cleaners come at 1:00. I should be able to. I got some stuff out of the attic- some empty boxes that Noah’s stuff had come in- I put them in the recycler, and a box of costumes Bethany had been looking for that I didn’t even remember putting up there. 

I’m wondering at what point I need to sell my saw and air compressor and nail gun. I guess not until I am closer to actually moving. 

I hope this carpet cleaner is able to actually make a difference in the look and the smell. Once I put in new carpet, John will have to go. He can’t be on it, or he will ruin it in my room. The spot by my bed where he likes to sleep is yuck. He loves Noah, though, and would be just as happy with him as with me- except Noah won’t walk him. I will have to go get him and walk him, I suppose, as long as I’m in town. 

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