In class we talked about the importance of story telling. Today we were asked why storytelling is critical. In my opinion, storytelling is very important because it helps break down situations into terms that people can understand. For example, a person may not fully understand the impact that colonization, global warming or anything else that effects the world might be making but people can use stories about people and their experiences to help people understand. Storytelling is important because it helps people see things from the point of the person telling the story. I have always valued the ability to tell stories. In my opinion if you are a good storyteller, you can make a difference in the world because your words can help you to build bridges between different people. I think that story tellers have been valued over time because stories are an important part of understanding the world around us. People can tell stories in many ways, through Visual art, through dance, through words etc. I feel like the ability to tell a story is a talent that is often overlooked and underrated.

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