Took a Day Off from Work

I took the day off. I was so worn out with those kids on Friday, I just needed a day off. I got up today at 5:30, and got the trim  painted in Noah’s office. I had planned on walking John today, but it didn’t happen. I got the cable stuff fixed and I went to Lowes and Walmart. I have all the stuff out of the way for the carpet cleaners. I am feeling sleepy right now. I think I could work and work and work and never feel like I’m caught up. 

None of the Craigs List stuff is selling. That is disappointing because first, I want to get rid of it, and second, the money would be nice.

It’s now 8:52 pm. I got all the furniture back into place. The carpet looks a little better- it’s still worn out, but not as disgusting looking. I feel so much more capable of keeping up now that there’s just 3 of us living here instead of 6. Everything was a mess all the time. Now at least when I get Noah’s bathroom and bedroom cleaned up, they will stay that way. The carpet cleaner scuffed the baseboards that I just painted this morning. 🙁 I will have to go back over them this weekend. 

All this time I have said I love my job and just hated everything else. Well, I don’t know if I can keep up with my job the way I want to and ever have a life. I am actually starting to think about doing other things if I stay in lex. Maybe teach special ed at the vocational school. The vocational schools apparently get paid on the Jefferson Co salary schedule, which is more that we get paid. I would like that. Or being a homebound teacher. I will certainly apply if there is an opening for one. The only other thing I would/could do at my current school would be either the SAFE room, or reading specialist. Our current RS has been on leave this whole year. I wish she wouldn’t come back. I would apply for it, I think. It would have to be less stressful. I’m just feeling overwhelmed- in over my head with responsibility. I really shouldn’t even try to help with cheer. That is such a huge commitment, and I don’t feel like I am really very helpful, anyway. Last summer, I had thought I would back off from it, but I don’t seem to be able to.

I just want to have a happy life. Is that so much to ask? My stupid husband wouldn’t take me back- he really must be stupid- he will never do better than me.  Something is clearly wrong with him. 

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