What did I do on Saturday

Not much at all lol. Suppose to go hiking with Trina but got cancelled. Just went to Dosung’s place around 12 PM and chilled all day there. I suppose to work on my side project but didn’t really get to it at all. Just got too lazy. Had a lunch there then went out to Echo park to check out the park. Ended up skating around the park 3 times then back to Dosung’s place. Took a nap for an hour then had a dinner right after lol. I know it sounds horrible. It get’s even better that we got out after the dinner and went to two different ice cream place in K-town and Larchmont. I really liked the both of places can’t really say the one is better then the other. Watched a movie at his place after till midnight then drove back to home. Shower and went sleep. Yes, I didn’t really do anything productive at all today. Feel little shame but I need a day like this too once in awhile.

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