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Nah, it’s not that I’m that happy. It just feels like some happiness has to be spread in this place more often. From now on, I hope to counter my every negative post with a positive (or at least neutral) one.

Latest life updates: I’ve been well (explains my absence haha 😂)

Went out with some classmates on Monday because we had a holiday. Something I never would have expected. So yay to me for stepping out of my comfort zone! Anyway, it was fun enough and it made me socialise more. Thankful for them inclusive and enthusiastic people with initiative 😊

And that was despite my exams on Tuesday lol. They went okay though so…

Got back some results too, but to be continued tomorrow so I’ll see how it goes.

Finally, I’d better start planning what to do with my holidays before I end up wasting them again. I’d like to get a job, but I don’t even know where to start. And who’ll employ an unskilled inexperienced teen who’s only going to work for a month or two? More to think about soon.

Also, I want to find some places I can go alone on my own mini adventures. Can’t wait till I’m no longer a timid poor kid and can do some real traveling. In the meantime, do up some day trip itineraries?

Oh yes, I must also be consistent on my Memrise for Jap!! And maybe resume Korean. Try out chatting with Duolingo’s new bots. Go finish my ballet class passes!

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