All i ever want is to be happy… but in  this world happiness is unreachable most of the time. As i grow up i here more and more i’m to young to understand, that it gets better and easier, that I am just dramatic… but really am I? I don’t think so if as older people tell me this and that but their just miserable and don’t admit it, so why would i take their advice? I question everyone around me because no one is perfect or tells the truth but no one can understand what happens in my head or when i’m not with them.

2 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. In my opinion, you’re right on 🙂 I’m 34 and still don’t know what the hell I’m doing, especially when life kicks you in the gut. Kudos to you for being open-minded enough to think about these things and self reflect!!

  2. I definitely understand what you’re going through. I ask myself why can’t I attain happiness like others my age? But are they truly happy? I don’t know. They might just be hiding the truth and lying to themselves, putting on a facade. I think if we start doing things that we actually care about, things that actually make us feel good, then we will feel fulfilled in life.

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