Oct/17/2016 Monday

Can’t believe it’s already middle of October. Time really fries lately. Especially in this California weather, you can’t really tell that season changes. Not today tho. It was actually raining today in the morning. I got out of my apartment with my skate on and encountered wet ground all over the city. I was hesitating little bit but decided to skate to work. So slippery all the way to work on the road, I had to be extra careful not to fall. Ended up at the office okay but I don’t really wanna do this again. The weather got sunny and nice right after I got to office just like any other days.

Good starting for a week at work. Didn’t take long to catch up what I have left last week and continued to work on the profile page design and mocking up the popup UI. Also, the first meeting with the dev in Vietnam and first day for Betty the new product manager. Things look good at work!

Still getting a light headache but definitely better than before. I think working out regularly helps. Still need to find a dentist but other than that I think I’m doing everything I suppose to do. Got off little late today cause the meeting with dev team in Vietnam. Skated back to home then went to gym for work out. Good hour work out then headed back to home. Took a shower and went to downtown for a quick meeting that didn’t go well. Back home around 10:30 PM and fixed my skate while I was having a late dinner. Excited for the new set up on my skate. Seba boot with 125mm wheels and frames! Gonna try it tomorrow!! can’t wait! 11:33 PM now and gotta go to sleep soon. My skin broke out so bad lately and I don’t know what to do with it except for having enough sleep lol. Goodnight All!

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