The Lonely Manic Heartbreaker

I’m not exactly sure where everything went wrong. When i started to loose touch with reality, who i am, just not giving a fuck about consequences and others feelings. See there once was a time when i wouldn’t go off of the handle…i wouldn’t loose my shit and turn to the infamous sex ,drugs, and rock and roll to fix my problems. Sometimes i wake up from my night of partying and i dont even know have of the fucked up shit I’ve done but that never stopped my on going party. I wasn’t sleeping, eating, taking my medication…i was having violent outburst and destroying things..i was a fucking wreck. I hurt everyone that i love because i didn’t understand what was going on and i was completely empty. I recently have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and have been told that i was at a high point of mania for almost a month without knowing it. 

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