Can’t Wait to Pop

I am going to be 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I already want to have this baby. I am so done with gestating. I am fairly confident this will be my last child. I really don’t have much further to go with this pregnancy, but it feels like the end is so far away. Every day it feels like the time just grinds to a halt and I am stuck living each and every second in agonizing detail. I guess this entire experience wouldn’t be so annoying to me if the pregnancy itself hadn’t been so rough to begin with. My first trimester was terrible, though not nearly as bad as the first trimester with my second child. I had hyperemesis gravidarum with this pregnancy much like I did with my second, which sent me to the emergency room three times and put me on bed rest for the first ten weeks of the pregnancy. Of course, my second pregnancy was much, much worse. I had several emergency room visits and couldn’t even leave my bed to use to restroom for the first eighteen weeks. It was a living nightmare. Oddly, my first pregnancy was fairly easy-going. I guess that’s why I wasn’t too alarmed when I found out I was pregnant again after my first child. Of course, I was filled with complete dread when I found out I was expecting my third. I really was not looking forward to feeling like I was dying for four months. Although the days of morning sickness are well behind me as I enter the third trimester, I have some new events rising up to greet me with this pregnancy. The most prominent being hip pain. I’ve notified my doctor who sent out a referral for a specialist to have a look at it. That was almost a week ago though. Hopefully, they will call me soon. This not being able to walk ordeal is starting to exasperate me to no end. I can’t even do my laundry without tearing up. Bless my two toddlers though. Their patience with me knows no bounds. Don’t worry my two turtle doves, we don’t have much longer to go before this baby is born.

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